Friday, 3 July 2015

#AskELJames Twitter Q&A

On June 29th E L James did a Q&A on Twitter using #AskELJames. Here are some of the questions and answers below:

@Gabrielle Fault: "Have you ever wanted to change anything about Christian and Ana's story?"

E L James: " Hi Gabrielle - Yes. I would have liked to split them up for longer at the end of FSoG."

@Fanfifty_: "Are you planning to write another romance novel in the future?"

E L James: "I've written a new book and i'm halfway through another. Both romances. Not sure when I will finish them. :) "

@BeeMWrites: "What was your favourite scene to write?"

E L James: "Hi Bee. A few... Dinner with Mrs R. Georgia when she turns up at the bar... Tallis scene and the scenes with Elliot."

@fsog_greysessed: "You mentioned you listened to one song over and over writing Grey. What song did you keep on repeat?

E L James: "Hi Michelle. Two: Sara by Fleetwood Mac and Hello Like Before by Bill Withers."

@50shades_fanss1: "Favourite qualities about Ana?"

E L James: "She's so much stronger than I am."

@almagoye: "What is your favourite character that is not Grey or Ana?"

E L James: "Taylor. He's so stoic."

@RealMs_Lane: "Darker is my favourite book of the series! What's your favourite part of it?"

E L James: "Emails about going to NYC. CG finding Ana in the playroom. The boat... the new house. The list goes on!"

@Raehgine: "Why did you choose 'Your Love is King' for Ana's ringtone? One of my fav songs btw."

E L James: "I like the song - and it seemed appropriate."

@benshots: "What's the best thing you have learned when you wrote the fifty shades?"

E L James: "To continue to write for myself. :) "

@iLovedamie: "What is your favourite part of Grey?"

E L James: "I love his relationship with Elliot. That was unexpected when I started writing."

@twitchypalms: "Which did you prefer writing, the final red room scene from Christian's pov or Ana's?"

E L James: "It wasn't fun either POV."

@AbbeySG48: "Thank you for writing my favourite books! How long did it take you to write 50 Shades of Grey trilogy?"

E L James: "About 20 months in total..."

@fsogindia: "Charlie Tango or Glider?"

E L James: "Tricky...but i'd have to go with Charlie Tango..."

@lil_caribou: "What was the a)funniest b) saddest c) hardest moment to write in Grey?"

E L James "a) The emails. b) His nightmares. c) final red room scene."

@JustGreysessed: "What is your favourite line of Christian Grey?"

E L James: "Fuck the paperwork."

@adonis_cg: "Bollinger or Budvar?"

E L James: Bollinger. My husband would take the Budvar... :) "

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