There is nothing worse than being on social media and seeing quotes and thoughts on the book you've been waiting ages for.

Well so that we don't ruin it for others you can post a comment below to talk about  'GREY' and your favourite moments!


  1. Hey there...thanks for doing this. SO cool! I am huge fan of FSOG. Enjoyed GREY a lot; but do like Ana's POV better. Christian was way more 'smitten' with Ana from the get go than I realized. Some of his 'inner thoughts' are so funny. When he goes to kitchen for wine...right before 'Nice' scene...Christian says "She's tied up right now." to Kate. Literally laughed out loud.

  2. She's my dream catcher she keeps my nightmares at bay
    Why do I feel ten feet tall when I make her laugh
    Those eyes can see into my dark soul
    Today I win her back

  3. I can't figure out how to get my name in here the above comment is mine and I tweeted it as well I'm LorraineOLear10 on Twitter

  4. I can't choose one moment, but one of my favourites is the endidng... It is so sad moment but...